Hi folks,
Time for this week’s production update. As I mentioned last week I’ve been working mostly on client projects, so I’ve had very little direct involvement in the film this week. However…

Dulci and Martin Harp both turned in some stellar VO work to me earlier in the week and I have not been able to resist staying up (even) late(r) to cut in some quick VO tests of one of their scenes together. Explosions and ships and lasers and…ok…whew. I’m good. Very exciting stuff!

While I’ve been busy editing video and audio for a few freelance gigs, I’ve been watching the render box crunch a few shots of Atharian that I set up last week. Will she be in the teaser trailer? Time will tell – these shots are shaping up, and of course Fluffy Starr’s VO performance for this sequence is magical. Head over to Fluffy’s web site get your Fluffy Starr CD at FluffyStarr.com! You can also follow her at Twitter.com/FluffyStarr and at Twitter.com/Atharian, where she tweets in character.

What else is going on in the SF7 universe? Candace has been busy with Tuesday’s Trivia Tweets. Normally I’d jump all over the chance to make a spiffy T3 logo for that, but J.C. beat me to the moniker. The time machine I bought didn’t work right out of the box, so I’ll be giving Mr. Brown an earful about THAT. Plutonium. Meh. Aaannyway, Candace has been giving you guys some fun factoids about the cast, characters, and worlds. Plenty more trivia is on the way, so make sure you regularly hit our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up – you never know when there will be a test with prizes…

Also, we are prepping to start VO for Candace and Brad next week. Yes! I am way excited about this, for a few reasons: Devian Blackstar, this character in my brain for the last 28 years, finally gets a voice. Two, Candace and I have been talking about working on a VO project together for, jeez, almost a year now? Time certainly flies!

One last thing and we’ll wrap this production update. Vanyares Blackstar’s official art is posting tomorrow at the Star Force 7 Deviant Art page, and the poster will be available at the Star Force 7 Cafepress.com shop. Watch our Twitter page and Facebook for details!

Justin S. Barrett (@justinbvocal on Twitter) is in the role of Vanyares, the Prince of Despian, and I can’t wait to get started on Justin’s VO sessions soon. For those of you who don’t know, Justin is Animation Technical Director for Reel FX, a Dallas-based studio that works on some really cool projects like the Shrek 4 spots and Webosaurs (where Justin is also the voice of Pterry the Pterodactyl! How freakin’ cool is that?? Check it out at Webosaurs.com!)

I’m off to trade this DeLorean in for a hot tub. Catch you all on Twitter!
-Donnie C.

P.S. – just got word that my boys Clarck C. and Bullet of Reason just released a fresh track! Savage Times II – I’ve been listening to the previews and following their video updates, and going to get mine right now. You should too. 🙂 Check it at the FiXT Store!

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