Greetings, Programs! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Here’s what’s happening in the SF7 universe this week.

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This Week: Kiri Atroan Artwork Posted! And, Facebook & DeviantArt Updates!

Candace updated the SF7 DeviantArt page with Kiri’s new artwork last night, and she is posting SF7 trivia periodically on Facebook – two great reasons you should add us on both sites! 😀
We’ll let you know when the poster of Kiri become available.

What Else Happened This Week:

Completed the script for the teaser trailer
Completed two shots for the teaser trailer
Reviewed several sessions of voice over files (Mayvix & Dax)
Completed poster design for Kiri Atroan (11×17 poster)
Putting final touches on Vanyares Blackstar official art and poster design
Completed setup of Atharian Blackstar 3d character model in combat suit
Basic demo of guide tracks for the instrumental track “Off On a Starship” (a collaboration for the movie soundtrack with Clarck C.)
Currently in-progress:

Recording guitars for the above collab track for Clarck on Monday
Blocking out character animation for 4 shots of Atharian (1 shot done)
Voice overs for Sondra Kiria, courtesy of Dulci
Voice overs for Connor Walsh, courtesy of Martin Harp
Additional voice over lines for Atharian, courtesy of Fluffy Starr
I’m currently working on deadline for two client videos, the Respawner sessions, and as of yesterday am in talks to handle the audio mix on a film (details when/if), so this weekend won’t see much SF7 action. But the computers will still be rendering away at various things, so there will still be some news to report next week. 🙂

As for other SF7 projects, I’ve completed several pieces of panel art for Hellsquad RECON #3. We did get off course with the RECON series, but things are back on track. So much more going on with SF7 but can’t really say a lot yet. While it’s certainly tempting to share this stuff with you guys, I’m sure you understand why I can’t.

So that’s a wrap for this week. Make sure to follow @starforce7 on Twitter, add us on Facebook, and add all the SF7 voice actors (tip – they’re in a list on the SF7 Twitter page): @FluffyStarr, @Spinn12, @CandaceVO, @DulciTMU, @justinbvocal, @xRYLEx, @Mayvix, @shard_dax, @MartinHarp.

Thank you all so much for your support. It is extremely encouraging to login and see you talking about the series and characters on Twitter and elsewhere. And to SF7 voice actors – y’all are awesome! 🙂

I’m off to play in the studio, errmm, I mean, work. Peace +

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