Star Force 7 Production Update: July 2010

Hi folks, Time for this week's production update. As I mentioned last week I've been working mostly on client projects, so I've had very little direct involvement in the film this week. However... Dulci and Martin Harp both turned in some stellar VO work to me earlier...
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Star Force 7 Production Update: April 2011

4/7/11 - Kicked off the latest round of Star Force 7 voiceovers this week with Clint Hawkins! Clint was cast back in summer 2010 but we were unsure at the time if he would be able to participate, so we didn't announce. Clint voices one of the Oriadne Station officers...
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VO Session: The Elven Council

Another productive voiceover session with Charlotte voice cast! Earlier today I had the pleasure of working with Helen Kearney Konen, Katherine Mejia Alexander, Meg Elliott, and Tim Ross. Mega-thanks to Katrina and Lee Miller, and Stephanie Blanton for the hospitality...
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Production Update: December 2012

Good morning from our temporary digs! Working on additional storyboards for "The Chill of Distant Eyes". Happy Friday! -Donnie
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Production Update: July 2011

Blocking a shot. This is the Elven Ambassador Neera, voiced by Davis Osborne. In Despian culture, the Ambassadors are also warriors. While they travel with a security detail of two guards, they are every bit as tough as their entourage.
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Teaser Trailers

Merch & Soundtracks


So while the computers are busy rendering, decided to work on a bit of music for the film...