Hellsquad: RECON #1

RECON follows the story of Kane, a member of the elite marine unit Hellsquad, who has left the team to become a merc. When an attempt on his life fails, he sets out to find his would-be assassin, and learns some disturbing truths about a small group of SF officers.

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recon-1Production Info & Trivia

RECON was originally created as a promotion for a set of page templates for the comic book software Comic Book Creator in 2007. Versions of concept art can be found from as early as November 2002, during development of the SF7 graphic novel, The Skartiri War.

The first version of Issue 1 was a 3-page story designed to show the page templates in action. This version was adapted and expanded to include new characters, and further adapted to work as backstory events to the feature film, The Chill of Distant Eyes.

RECON grew into a 6-issue comic book mini-series. Issue #1 of RECON was released April 2010, and Issue #2 in May 2010 (Issue #3 is complete but unreleased, and issues 4-6 are in production)

A special download version featured a behind-the-scenes article on The Chill of Distant Eyes, and ads from FiXT Music and Fluffy Starr.

All six issues are being re-released both in print and download.


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