Production Update: June 2011

Today is "digital asset inventory" - beginning to sift through thousands of pieces of artwork, animation clips, and sound files for the entire SF7 series. We'll also be launching a rebuilt in July with new content and site features. -Donnie
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Behind the Scenes #1

The Chill of Distant Eyes is the first animated film in the Despian Trilogy, and is currently in production from Circuit Scream Films and Greysun Productions, LLC. See animation tests, setup, and early versions of the character Atharian Blackstar in these clips shot...
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Production Update: November 2010

Working on the music score for the film.
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Mood Boards and Storyboards

Mood boards and storyboards for the SF7 film. ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎film‬ ‪#‎animation‬...
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VO Session with Kathy, Meg & Patrick!

Great session today with Meg, Kathy, & Patrick! Thanks for the awesome takes y'all! Always great to work with pros! Now to backup the files, photos and videos from this weekend, and sort figure out what we can post. 🙂 -Donnie
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Teaser Trailers

Merch & Soundtracks

It’s (SF7) Beanie Season!

It's Beanie Season, and you need something to keep your ears nice and toasty. We have exactly SIX of these left - get yours before they're gone! FREE Shipping in the continental US! Order here:   100% cotton, washable,...