The Glamorous Life of an Animator

Working on character setup, July 2010.
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VO Session: The Elven Council

Another productive voiceover session with Charlotte voice cast! Earlier today I had the pleasure of working with Helen Kearney Konen, Katherine Mejia Alexander, Meg Elliott, and Tim Ross. Mega-thanks to Katrina and Lee Miller, and Stephanie Blanton for the hospitality...
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Artwork: The Elven City

The upcoming Star Force 7 feature film, The Chill of Distant Eyes, is set on the Elven planet Despian. Six different exterior locations from this massive world were needed. The image above is the Elven City of Thal-Kilii. Read the article, "Creating an Elven World"...
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Production Update: August 2011

Touch-up work on a 263-frame shot today with Photoshop and my trusty Intuos 4. I'm on frame 40. 🙂 -Donnie
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Production Update 7-15-2010

Greetings, Programs! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Here's what's happening in the SF7 universe this week. Before I launch into today's update, I want to remind you to visit our new Facebook page and add us: A Chill of Distant Eyes on Facebook We'll also...
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So while the computers are busy rendering, decided to work on a bit of music for the film...