Behind the Scenes #2

The Chill of Distant Eyes is the first animated film in the Despian Trilogy, and is currently in production from Circuit Scream Films and Greysun Productions, LLC. This behind-the-scenes video features Atharian's early costume tests, some storyboards, and early...
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Hellsquad: RECON Update

All six episodes written, 2 comics completed, and Issue #3 in-progress. Good to be back on this project again!
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Production Update: December 2011

Working on THIS. The track is titled "Lords of Despian".
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Production Update 7-15-2010

Greetings, Programs! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Here's what's happening in the SF7 universe this week. Before I launch into today's update, I want to remind you to visit our new Facebook page and add us: A Chill of Distant Eyes on Facebook We'll also...
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Artwork: Commander Gia Santos

Dragonfly Squadron Commander Gia Santos
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So while the computers are busy rendering, decided to work on a bit of music for the film...