Toastin’ Processors

Despite burning up one of the render computers this weekend and spending most of Sunday looking for and then installing the replacement, I managed to crank out three more final shots for the film. The 3 shots total 1,435 frames. They are now in the "review" bin. The...
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Mood Boards and Storyboards

Mood boards and storyboards for the SF7 film. ‪#‎art‬ ‪#‎film‬ ‪#‎animation‬...
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Behind the Scenes #2

The Chill of Distant Eyes is the first animated film in the Despian Trilogy, and is currently in production from Circuit Scream Films and Greysun Productions, LLC. This behind-the-scenes video features Atharian's early costume tests, some storyboards, and early...
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Artwork: Elora Atroan

Elora Atroan, voiced by the lovely Helen Kearney Konen!
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Production Update: December 2011

Working on THIS. The track is titled "Lords of Despian".
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